Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy moving company is not as easy as calling the first movers you find. A lot of inexperienced and cheap movers seem to offer unbelievable deals, and it’s easy to get fooled if you don’t know what to look for in a trustworthy moving company.

It’s up the consumer to find and hire a reliable moving company that you can trust with your property, with your home, with the timetable, with the rate they quote, and more. Here are five common concerns consumers have and how to fact check your moving company to be sure they are a service that you can count on. Read Article

Behind a death in the family and divorce, moving can be one of the most stressful life experiences—a fact that shouldn’t be too surprising. There is the packing, the disruption of your routine, and all the work of getting established in a new place, even if it is just a few blocks down the road. One other major concern is making sure you hire a trustworthy moving company to handle your most precious possessions. Read Article

If you poll your friends about their experience with “professional” moving companies, you’re likely to hear an array of horror stories. Read Article